City of Bellevue to Hold Open Forum to Update Citizens on 2019 Flood

Forum is Scheduled for Friday, March 22nd at 2PM in the BJSA Gymnasium

  • 21 March 2019
  • Author: Phil Davidson
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City of Bellevue to Hold Open Forum to Update Citizens on 2019 Flood

An open forum has been scheduled for 3-22-19, at 2:00 p.m., at the Bellevue Junior Sports Association, located at 1001 High School Drive. The media and public will be invited to attend. Mayor Rusty Hike, City Administrator Ristow and other officials will provide updated information on the progress of the flood, flood clean-up, and other topics. The media and public will have an opportunity to ask specific questions.

Floodgates have been opened and water is also being pumped to remove the water from the flood zone. The area is slowly receding, but the drainage will be a slow process.

The floodwaters and previously flooded areas are likely contaminated with sewage and other hazardous materials. Due to this danger, we cannot allow the public access to contaminated areas. We have received numerous requests to rescue animals in the flooded area. We are working with the Nebraska Humane Society and have allowed access to perform those recues, when possible.  

The City of Bellevue remains confident a great majority of the flooded homes will be a total loss. A relatively few homes in Green Acres were untouched or minimally impacted by the flood and may be habitable. It is highly likely that all homes in the Paradise Lakes area will be uninhabitable.      

Residents of Green Acres and Paradise Lake should continue to follow Bellevue Police and City of Bellevue Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most up to date information. Those sites can also be located by visiting the Bellevue Police and City of Bellevue websites. 

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