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Metro is responsible for the operation of fixed route, express / commuter bus downtown weekday rush hour and Americans with Disabilities Act Complementary Paratransit Service within the city limits of Omaha, Douglas County, NE.

In addition, Metro has turn-key contracts with five contiguous political jurisdictions for the operation of as part of the Metro bus system:

  1. in Nebraska: Ralston, LaVista, Bellevue, Papillion; and
  2. in Iowa - Council Bluffs (Pottawattamie County).


  1. Contracted Nebraska bus services are express / commuter;
  2. Contracted Iowa bus service is fixed route operating only on major arterials; and,
  3. Contracted Cities are responsible for the operation of their ADA complementary paratransit services.

Service Description

Metro is committed to providing non-discriminatory service without regard to race, color, and national origin. Metro operates a timed-transfer system offering fixed, express/commuter and circulator route services. Routes and Schedules During rush hours, Metro serves 100 square miles or approximately 85% of the City of Omaha. In addition, Metro offers MOBY, American with Disabilities Act Complementary Paratransit Service. MOBY is an origin-to-destination, curb-to-curb service operating within Omaha's city limits.

Metro's fleet is 100% ADA accessible and includes small, medium and large sized buses and stretch-roofed body on chassis cut-a-way vans for the operation of fixed route, express/commuter, circulator and ADA MOBY services. The timed-transfer mass transit system includes approximately 4,000 posted bus stops, six transit centers and 98 passenger waiting shelters.

MOBY service operates curb-to-curb, when need origin-to-origin, the shared ride service is provided in vans, and when capacity requires, Metro schedules taxi service. Personal Care Attendants ride for free and Companions are charged the MOBY fare.

The Metro fleet is operated from a Central Operations Center. The dispatchers communicate with the fleet via two-way radios.