Rita Sanders

1500 Wall Street
Bellevue, NE 68005
Tel: (402) 293-3020

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Rita Sanders


When you elected me mayor in November, 2010, I was grateful for the trust that you placed in me. I hold that trust sacred.

I was born in Hawaii, but my husband Rick and I chose to raise our children in Bellevue. We found a home in Bellevue. And, just like you, we know how good Bellevue can be.

We had a dream to build a business in Bellevue. We worked with City staff and leaders to formulate our plans and make our dream a reality. Over the course of construction, I saw the good and the bad side of the process. I thought there were things that could be done to make it work better.

It was that desire to make Bellevue work better for its citizens that inspired me to run for mayor, and it is that desire that will make me work hard to ensure that we do just that.

But, we need your help.

If you see an area that we can improve, let me know. If something works well, let me know. We have a lot of talent on our staff and throughout our City. We are going to turn them loose to improve the way that we do business.

I am committed to ensure that your City government provides the best and most efficient service possible. That it functions with a level of transparency that allows any of its citizens to know what it is doing and how it is doing it.

We are going to use innovative approaches to bring new businesses into Bellevue. We are going to let everyone know “Bellevue is Open for Business”.

The goal is simple. Everything that we do and everything we are going to do is to improve the already exceptional quality of life that we all enjoy in our home, Nebraska’s First City.