Joey Bockman
Code Enforcement Supervisor

1500 Wall Street
Bellevue, NE 68005
Tel: (402) 293-3050

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Joey Bockman

Code Enforcement Supervisor

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Unit is to enforce the city codes and zoning ordinances of the City of Bellevue and its zoning jurisdiction. Its primary function is the abatement of nuisances on private property which occur outside a structure. The Unit is also responsible for vehicles parked on public streets and private property that are abandoned or not properly registered.

Nuisances could include tall grass, weeds, or other worthless vegetation in excess of 12 inches long, auto parts, cars, appliances, trash, litter, animal waste, as well as the upkeep of fences and swimming pools and the fences around swimming pools.

The goals of the Code Enforcement Unit are:

  1. Improve the quality of living for all Bellevue residents.
  2. Abatement of the violation through voluntary compliance.
    After receiving a complaint, a Code Enforcement Inspector will inspect. If there is a code violation, the Inspector will attempt to make contact with the person responsible for the property. The Inspector may either make personal contact, and/or will leave a written notice or have a certified letter sent to the person responsible for the property.


During normal business hours, a Code Enforcement Technician can be reached at 293-3050 to answer all of your questions or to take your complaint. For your convenience, voice mail is offered after normal business hours and during those high call volume days when we cannot immediately answer your call.

When discussing your complaint with a Technician or when leaving a message, please provide:

  1. The location and/or address and nature of the complaint.
  2. Description or license plate number of the vehicle, trailer, etc.
  3. Any other information that will be helpful when inspecting the complaint.
  4. Leaving your name and telephone number is helpful, but not required.