City of Bellevue Reinstates Police Chief Mark Elbert

  • 11 September 2018
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City of Bellevue Reinstates Police Chief Mark Elbert

The Bellevue City Attorney's Office has issued the following release regarding the reinstatement of Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert:

"On behalf of the City of Bellevue, City of Bellevue is announcing that effective September 12, 2018, Chief Mark Elbert shall be reinstated as Chief of Police, with all rights and benefits thereof.  He will be using vacation time for a previously scheduled event and will return to work on September 20, 2018. 

It is not the policy or practice of the City to release information regarding personnel issues, including the disposition of any disciplinary investigation.  However, there were numerous leaks of information in press releases many times with limited information and clearly pointed.  The allegations were brought in a collective complaint raised by a third party, not a party to the actual events or even witnesses to the events that lead to the complaint.  Had the third-party complainant completed a thorough investigation of the matters as the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office did on behalf of the City, for which the City is truly grateful, the complainant, would have found many inconsistencies, lies and misunderstandings of the facts. 

While some would question some of the management decisions that Chief Elbert made or the way they were handled, they were within the parameters of his job title and job description. 

Chief Elbert is a decorated police officer and has risen through the ranks like very few have.  His management style is not for everyone, as is the case of every leader, but he has served professionally and in the best interest of the officers of this City, sometimes at the detriment of his own well-being. 

Any and all questions regarding this matter should be directed to Patrick Sullivan, the City Attorney, 402-339-9550."

A complete copy of the press release is included as an attachment to this article.

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