City of Bellevue Currently Conducting Pavement Improvements in Areas North of Chandler Road between 18th Street and 25th Street.

  • 13 June 2019
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City of Bellevue Currently Conducting Pavement Improvements in Areas North of Chandler Road between 18th Street and 25th Street.

Swain Construction, under contract with the City of Bellevue, is currently constructing pavement improvements in areas north of Chandler Road between 18th Street and 25th Street.  The work generally consists of replacing existing asphalt pavement with new concrete pavement.

At this point, work has been completed on 18th Street south of Sidney Street and on Sidney Street east of 18th Street.  Work is currently underway on Sidney Street between 19th Street and 18th Street, and at the intersection of 18th Street and Josephine Street.  Both of the locations currently under construction should be complete and open to traffic within the next week or so.

The final segment of pavement to be replaced is 19th Street from Chandler Road to the curb inlets about 300 feet north of Chandler Road.  This pavement will be replaced one lane at a time. During periods of active construction, 19th Street will be completely closed to traffic. All traffic entering or exiting the subdivision during this time will need to detour through Chandler Hills and utilize 22nd Street to access Chandler Road.  During non-working hours, one lane of 19th Street will be open to traffic.  Due to the length of the work zone and the proximity to Chandler Road, it would not be safe to allow head-to-head traffic.  Therefore, only northbound (entering) traffic will be allowed.  Southbound (exiting) traffic will need to detour through Chandler Hills.  Please see the attached map for temporary detour information.

Work on 19th Street is expected to begin on Monday, June 17th, and will require about two weeks to complete (depending on weather). 

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, and we appreciate your patience while these street improvements are completed.  Please do not move or otherwise tamper with barricades or other warning devices.  They are the primary mechanism for identifying potentially unsafe conditions.  If applicable, please advise others (including children) at your location of the upcoming work and the need to exercise due care when in areas near or adjacent to the construction areas and activities.

If you have specific comments or questions regarding the planned work, please feel free to speak with the on-site representative or contact our office at (402) 293-3025.

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