What are the rules for operating a day care in the City?

  1. Any person furnishing child care for four or more children from different families must have a license from the State of Nebraska Department of Social Services. (Sec 71-1911 Nebraska State Statutes)
  2. As a home occupation, a Family Day Care Home may care for up to 8 children at one time if the provider has a valid state license, and complies with the Nebraska State Statutes; but there shall be no signs, radio, television, newspaper, handbills, classified telephone listing, or similar types of advertising linking the address of the premises with the home occupation. (Zoning Ordinance #2685)
  3. Under State law, a Group Day Care Home may care for up to 12 children, providing they have a full-time adult helper. A Group Day Care Home must have a Conditional Use Permit issued by the City of Bellevue. (Zoning Ordinance #2688)