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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bellevue Named Winner of Wealth & Finance Magazine Business Award

Assistant City Administrator Larry Burks has announced that the City of Bellevue has been named as a winner in the 2015 Wealth & Finance Magazine Business Awards. Bellevue was named, “Best Business Environment of 2015 for their efforts in business development” Mr. Burks is proud that the City of  Bellevue was awarded this prestigious award and pointed out that, “The City of Bellevue Nebraska’s Engineering, Public Works, Planning and Permitting Departments work very hard to make development easy and timely while simultaneously, Bellevue’s expert staff work equally as hard at ensuring the safety and quality of life for our citizens by insisting the integrity of our rules, regulations and policies are upheld.”

Wealth & Finance International is a monthly publication dedicated to delivering high quality informative and up to the minute global business content. Despite a number of global economic issues, there are a number of exceptional businesses, from multinational corporations through to rising stars of their industry’s future, who have flourished, succeeding in increasing both corporate growth and client satisfaction.

The magazine has set up this award program to bring together some truly special firms working within a variety of industries and demonstrating excellence through their work and their people to the wider audience they deserve. Wealth and Finance Magazine has made it a point to recognize the firms that, through their innovative methods and outstanding results, are changing the way we view their industry and seeing them surge ahead of their competition.

Laura Hunter, Awards Coordinator, said: “With the global economy continuing its road towards recovery, the continually exceptional performance from these firms, be they major industry players or rising names, has been a key factor in this upward trajectory. With so many professionals and individuals achieving stellar results in their industry, it is an honor to recognize these winners for their achievements.”

Mr. Burks stressed that being selected for this award was the result of a nomination and a rigorous judging process carried out by the Wealth & Finance awards team, to ensure that all winners are chosen purely on merit. Mr. Burks said, “Bellevue residents can take real pride in the fact that our Development team is being counted as a leader in the industry.”

To learn more about the award winners and to gain further insight into the working practices of the ‘best of the best”, please visit the Wealth & Finance Website at 



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